Typology of clients

Abacus Conseil offers a tailor-made service especially for unsatisfied clients coming from private management, retail banks or private banking.


Abacus handles various types of heritage and clients whose complexityof personal situations are handled intuitu personae.


I. Tailor-made solutions’ expectations

Whatever  the source of the estate is, managing it is a challenge:

– Improve investments’ yield,

– Optimize legal and fiscal structuring forward,

– Extract what we own from our own company,

– Anticipate the transmission of the family wealth


II. Our goal

Identify what needs to be immobilised to ensure long term financial independence,

Evaluate which part of assets can be invested. Depending on the type of capital, the gap between the client’s personal objectives and its real personal situation and constraints, is going to determinate the way of management that fits best to the client and to the evolution of his situation.


III. Abacus’ expertise will help to allocate assets and select consistent investments supports with evolution of the situation and the environment.