Transparency is the foundation of trust.


Abacus offers clear and transparent tools to anticipate the decision making process


I. Audit of past management of your assets by bankers. Abacus is integrally paid on success fees through a percentage of the amount obtained by the reimbursing of:

– Inadequacy between the risk and the situation

– Non adapted structuring

– Mistakes in reorientation of the savings

– Takings of unjustified fees

– Lack of cash remuneration

– Selection of defective investment supports


II. Rigorous following of all adequate elements to manage a level of risk fitting to clients’ profiles, his constraints and his objectives.


III. Optimising the cost of management in renegotiating global management fees including non-apparent fees, and in erasing intermediation fees without any added value.


IV. Visibility on your assets with precise and transparent reading instruments and modelling in case of changes in your personal situation or in the evolution of the markets.


V. A systeme of payment aligned with the clients’ interests

Abacus is not paid on the reallocation of assets and arbitration,

Retrocession on custody rights and management fees of fiscal allowances (securities accounts, insurance life or capitalisation contracts) and retrocession on the asset under management (financial products)

Application of packages if the amount of retrocessions is insufficient, calculated on the work provided and the follow up and  nature of the service agreed between the client and Abacus.