Far from standardised offers, Abacus put personalised solutions in place, fitting the legitimate expectations and needs of our clients.


I. First of all, we integrate the whole situation of the client (revenues/capital, family situation, taxes, patrimonial objectives). We permanently verify the adequacy between wealth structuring and allocation of assets to its objectives and constraints.


II. Abacus has established partnerships with banks and insurance companies offering the best guarantees regarding security as well as privileged functioning conditions.


III. The access to a large Multi-Management is one of the levers of performance’s creation

– The selection of investment products in Abacus is not related to their margins of distribution.

– Abacus references the best managers by assets with banking and insurance companies, interested by the stability of assets under Abacus management (in the contrary of a indirect distribution channel).


To give you access to high performance, privileged functioning conditions or Multi-Management.