Private Client

The more of Abacus

Offer an access to banks, insurance companies and advice with privileged conditions,

Offer a related skills professionals selection: accountants, specialized insurers, solicitors, specialized lawyers, Art merchants, and real estate or venture intermediaries,

Monitoring  all these partners: meetings’ reportings with recommendations, plans of actions to lead. Method and frequency in monitoring and reporting of mandates and performances.


The diversity of profiles and issues affects actions to lead.


I.  Diversified profiles

The entrepreneur only owning  his work tool and wishing to anticipate his succession,

The hight ranking with wide range of assets wishing to anticipate his retirement,

The ones with few revenues but numerous assets,

Working people and those who are retired.


II.  Legitimate issues and expectations

How to optimise the  financing of his standard of living?

How to limit fiscal pressure?

How to optimize financial, real estate and industrial assets?

How to anticipate a planning strategy?

What to choose between renting and real estate acquisition?


III. Abacus’ answers

Realise a full and reliable mapping of the inheritance and fiscal situation of its clients, integrating all components of their capital : financial, real estate and art assets, debts and investments, incomes and losses,

Define interdependences and determine determine the strategy of realising all the operations step by step,

Give some advice on the management of other assets (industrial, real estate and Art assets) and keep their financial record,

Help to get a real estate credit, in case of fiscal control, succession issue or the sell of a family or private owned company,

Anticipate a reliable succession planning, even for under aged clients to act as a good family manager (manual donations, surrenders, foundations or philanthropic associations).


Personalised solutions for a broad range of clients.