Portfolio building and risk

Optimisation of performance in adequacy with your expectations in identifying best fitting investment solutions.

This research of the best solution leads to a diversification of your portfolio by assets, gender, fund management teams in limiting risk related to any active wealth management.


A rigorous portfolio building

– Each client, and his situation are unique, as are the solutions we offer.

– We propose our expertise in terms of asset allocation and select best products, multi platforms, Multi-Management to build a consistent portfolio, whose performance is optimised in function of your long-term needs.

Give a clear and understandable vision of assets, markets and their conditions of functioning, performance and risks in making the transparency on remuneration of different intermediaries.

Put precise lecturing tools in place, enabling to appreciate on time the evolution of the situation.


A risk respected

– We evaluate the risk in following complexities and risks of different assets, multiclass and multi vehicles, but in respecting your aversion to the risk.

– We resume strategic points of view with investment strategy to take or recommend decisions, assuring the adhesion to financial ethic rules. It is important to respect diversification of your portfolio by assets, gender and management teams.