Payment modality

Abacus is committed to detail all retrocessions perceived each year.


A payment system aligned with clients’ interests.


I. Banker’s payment sources are numerous and non explained

– Files fees, accounts or insurance life contracts’ opening, financial products subscriptions fees,

– Account management fees, administrative management fees, custody rights related to the payment of asset keeping,

– Banking services (insurance, credit cards, loans…),

– Fees related to sold banking products  and retrocession on assets under management, exit fees on some products,

– Financial products management fees, performance fees,

– Arbitrary, brokerage, transfer fees.


II. Propose a payment system aligned with clients’ interests

– In the primary part of the audit regarding past management operated by bankers, Abacus is paid in success fees through a percentage of the reimbursed amount,

– Abacus is paid through retrocession on custody rights and competing wrappers management fees (securities account, insurance life and capitalisation contracts) and retrocession on assets under management (financial products),

– Packages can be applied, in function of the work supplied, of the following UP and of the nature of the service agreed between the client and Abacus.