Method and following frequency

To benefit from opportunities or limit risks, Abacus is careful with market evolution and will recommend necessary adjustments. The goal of an independent family office is to be available at each time it is needed. Appointments with clients can vary but are adapted to the person and the situation.


I.  Fit between asset allocation and short, mid and long-term deadlines, including the change in revenues and expenditures on the capacity to save and complementary needs.


II.  Regular following of your asset managers to detect back office mistakes: unjustified fees, non-paid cash, asset value mistakes, savings reorientation, and high exchange rates…


III.  Establishment of a synthetic document of your personalised inheritance, taking into account all fees, risks and performance on a monthly or quarterly frequency. It enables to review the situation on time and to make assets move closer to family and professional projects of each client.


IV.  Keep a permanent watch to ensure competition between banks, insurance companies and management companies, to get best conditions in terms of services, and select the most adapted financial products  offering best perspectives of performance.


Market volatility, complex situations need a permanent reactivity.