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Abacus Conseil

8 rue des Capucines

75002 Paris



Limited company at 7,800 Euros

SIREN #502 732 266 RCS PARIS

NAF/APE #7022Z


Financial Investment Adviser authorized with the AMF under – 17 Place de la Bourse, 75002 Paris

Registered in the single register of insurance Intermediaries, banking and finance with ORIAS under #13 000 594.


ABACUS CONSEIL is a member of the National Association of Financial Advisors (ANACOFI-CIF) and pledged to respect the Code of Conduct of the ANACOFI-CIF searchable in our office or at the headquarters of the association or on the website

ABACUS CONSEIL has a professional liability coverage and a financial guarantee covering its various activities – MMA Covea Risks – in conformity with Articles L 541-3 and L 341-5 of the French Code Monetary and Financial – Insurance police #114240090.


Publications director

Benjamin Levy


Internet site management




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