Leading the entrepreneur

The more of Abacus

– Offer connections with market actors: venture specialists, capital investment actors…

– Offer an expertise all along the evolution of the different phases of the company.

– Offer an external active gaze,  source of being questioned and decision making.


Abacus leads entrepreneurs in all development stages of their company, inquiry with external specialists if necessary:



– Assist in the project building (business plan, partners’ selection…),

– Organise first raising funds,

– Anticipate social protection and the position of the spousal.



– Financing growth without loss of control,

– Looking forward in anticipating main risks (job, decease, concentration, dependency…),

– Optimise structuring and fiscal impacts,

– Put in place employees incentive plans.



– Optimise cash management,

– Equilibrate financial and professional assets,

– Reinforce relation’s protection.



– Anticipate various solutions of transmission of industrial assets: LBO, MBO, OBO,

– Transmit the company within the family,

– Divest the company to a third party.


An access to skills and a complementary network of your main activity.