Individualisation and optimisation

For our clients, whose each situation is unique, Abacus’ solution is personalised.


After a past and current analysis of the situation, we think of a wealth management strategy and propose tailor made advice and solutions, specifically created for our clients.


I.  Propose a fiscally optimised wealth building and the most adapted regarding objectives and constraints of the client. putting it in place with a network of reputed  and independent experts  (lawyers, solicitors, accountants, tax specialists).


II.  Optimise the structuring, the selection and asset management of real estate, financial, industrial or work tools via the creation of necessary legal entities.


III.  Benefit from optimised conditions negotiated by abacus with banking and insurance platforms, offering the best guarantees for the security of assets, or renegotiate current partnerships’ conditions.


IV.  Fiscally optimise and forecast your retirement by taking into account constraints but also  financial and fiscal opportunities such as: revenue tax, fortune tax, tax shield, stock options.


V.  Anticipate forward transfers or succession matters.