Created in 2008 to offer a new private management model, Abacus is a human-size structure, whose interests are integrally aligned with those of our clients.


Benjamin Lévy, founder.



Benjamin Lévy studied management, audit and accountancy in Sorbonne University in Paris I.

After the sell of the family corporate group (Devanlay-Lacoste-Nouvelles Galeries) in 1998, he joins Arts et Biens, the family holding investment fund, as CEO. He is in charge of the research and selection of investment supports (financial, industrial, real estate and art), of their following as well as industrial holdings (board of directors, capital increase, acquisition, cession).

All along this experience, he figured out the numerous sources of conflicts of interests and the lack of transparency in his relationship with his bankers and advisors.

In 2007, he decided to opt for a new personal challenge, driving him to Iceberg Finance, one of the main “multi family office” in Paris.

He found the private management service not adapted and unsatisfying. Thanks to his high skills in wealth management and family issues, he made the choice of being independent by creating Abacus Conseil and Abacus Courtage in 2008.