Family Office

Family Office services strengthen family cohesion through a clear partnership.


The diversity of profiles and issues affect actions to be led.


II. Diversified profiles

– For classic or recomposed families whose inheritance is important and who can’t or don’t want a particular family office, Abacus Conseil offers an adapted and original solution.

– Wealthy families involve human and familial relations, customs and habits.


II. Legitimate issues and expectations

– Which family governance would be best in simultaneously handing individual and collective interests?

– Which financial and legal forms should take the family inheritance?

– How to generate liquidities?

– How to structure considering  all family members’ specificities?


III. Abacus answers

– Abacus goal is to thoroughly understand your family, its short and long term objectives, its future vision and its risk aversion

– Abacus does not offer a simple family office’s range of services. Its solution is based on a multidisciplinary approach to:

  • Help clients on the structuring and management of their assets (financial, industrial, real estate and art…) and memory savings,
  • Anticipate succession, the sell of family or private owned companies issues,
  • Help in case of tax control, latent conflict.