Assets transfers

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The issue of transfer of inheritance in family owned companies is difficult to handle, in particular in selling, succession or change of management periods.


I. Abacus can build a detailed plan, based on a clearly defined vision and a global strategy according to you, your family and advisors. The background of Abacus team makes it able to know the specificities of the coming up issues, but it will take as well in account the human, collective and unique dimension of family heritage.


II. Management proposals, inheritance structuring, asset allocation and increase of value will always be defined according to performance objectives, fees and level of risk: our clients’ interests will be and remain the heart of our concerns.


III. In every family owned companies'development stages, Abacus offers personalised solutions and specialised professional supports in transfer strategies for:

– The fiscal optimization and financial structuring, holding structures creation, dismembering and creation of philanthropic structures,

– Governance issues management: in succession or selling times, if it is important to efficiently forecast heritage transfer in fiscal and financial terms, Abacus' first advice is to grant the utmost importance to the creation of a well balanced partnership between the members of the family generations,

– Heritage management can be capitalistic, financial, and industrial but has the same goal: preserve capital through generations: fund raising, advice on companies restructuring.