Why Abacus Conseil?


Abacus is made for clients who don’t want to be limited to a standardised management and solutions which limit burden performance, such as:

I.  Conflicts of interests

Traditional private bankers are held to sell in priority internal financial products to cumulate production and distribution margins. A limited number of products are eligible to securities accounts, life insurance or capitalization contracts. The payment of providers on arbitrations and reallocation of assets is a continuous source of conflicts of interests.


II. The opacity and the remuneration of participants

The selection of products is opaque and depends on margin rates or on distribution of retrocessions for the private management adviser.


III. Inadequacy between the risk and the situation

Often the level of risk doesn’t match the situation of the client, his heritage and his level of liquidity.


IV. A standardized offer

Offers are built on pre-established models, adaptable for a great number of people. The interlocutor in wealth management has too many clients to personalise his relationship with them and the turnover is very important. The quality of the family office service is inappropriate.


V. Current back office mistakes

No remuneration of cash, takings of unjustified fees, bad arbitration executions, forward exchange fees, bad optimization of the reorientation of savings…


Prevent from interest conflicts and offer transparency to align both our clients’ interests and ours.